The Gear-Grinder Tune $69.99

This is the most popular tune offered at Powder Hound. Price includes a basic cleaning of the bike, tightening and/or adjustment of all nuts and bolts as well as major bearing systems such as hubs, headset, bottom bracket, and adjustment of F and R derailleur and brakes. Price also includes labor to install parts as needed.

The Gnar Tune $99.99

This is the most highly recommended tune offered by Powder Hound. Price includes all services included with the gear-grinder tune but also includes a full-blown drive-train cleaning which entails pulling the chain, cassette, and crank off the bicycle for an extensive cleaning.

Pedal Pusher Tune $49.99

This tune includes all of the features of the Gear Grinder tune but is designed for single speed bikes only.

Hub Rebuild $24.99+

Headset Rebuild 24.99+

Bottom Bracket Rebuild $24.99+


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