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At first it was just the Aura, then came along the Kenja, then for 2014 came the Volkl Yumi a more forgiving, narrower and softer flexing women's ski.  Camber underfoot is key in skis that are this light for all-mountain applications, especially when skiing harder snow on the front side.  The Yumi is a lighter weight construction than the Kenja and Aura, it also doesn't have a full sheet of metal in it – just a titanal band, mounting plate basically.  Even though the Yumi lacks some of the heavier materials it is a fun and easy ski that even intermediates can hop on, it's only 84 mm in the waist  -- should be no issue rolling the ski up on edge.  

Reasons to go with the Volkl Yumi:

• You want solid all-mountain performance in a lightweight package.

• You stick to the groomers but wouldn't mind a powder day (Yumi's love powder).

• You've skied the Kenja and just want something a little softer.

• You're thinking about putting an alpine touring binding on a pair of skis. (Yumi is a great ski for an entry level touring ski)

• It's a women's ski, sorry guys, this ski isn't for you. (Aug 4th 2017 Update: The Kanjo is the mens version of the Yumi – enjoy)

The Yumi is fun, all this stuff below is a bunch of boring specs, call with questions we'll make it more fun.

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