Strafe Highlands Jacket

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The Highlands Jacket is designed to provide full waterproof protection and insulation on the coldest days without sacrificing breathability. It’s one of the first jackets made from a unique combination of Polartec® NeoShell®, the most breathable waterproof fabric on the market, and Polartec® Alpha®, the first-ever breathable puffy insulation for active warmth. Originally developed for U.S. Special Operations Forces, Polartec® Alpha® is now available through Strafe. Unlike down or classic synthetic fill, which require the use of “closed” fabrics, Polartec® Alpha® is a highly stable insulation that won’t poke through or migrate. This allows us to create an air permeable and waterproof puffy insulation package that’s not a vapor barrier, rather one that breathes with you for active warmth. We’ve found this combination of Polartec® NeoShell® and Polartec® Alpha® to be more comfortable throughout a wider range of the coldest weather conditions than anything else, often eliminating the need for a midlayer.

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