Komperdell Rebellution Alloy 2 Tone Pole

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The Komperdell Rebelution Alloy is an economical ski pole for any type of skier. The 18mm Shaft is made from 5083 Aluminum to be strong and durable. Komperdell's Fatso 120 Grip fits easily and comfortably in your hands. A padded strap easily fits over gloves or mittens with simple adjustment. The Tungsten/Carbide Tip is strong enough to punch through frim groomers and a Mini Race Basket allows for a lower swingweight for easy pole plants.


  • Fatso 120 Grip
  • Padded Strap
  • 18mm 5083 Aluminum Shaft
  • Mini Race Basket
  • Tungsten/Carbide Tip
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